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Astronomy Rocks! is the newest of our presentations.

Space is today’s frontier. 

Have you thought about people going to Mars?  How far away is Mars … really?

Astronomy Rocks! will give you a sense of the vastness of space and the power of universe we inhabit.

Our standard presentation is the personal approach given on a class by class basis.

This approach allows a more personal interaction and class by class tailoring of the presentation.  It also allows greater student involvement.

If your school is too large for a class by class approach we can still show you students the wonders of the universe in a standard assembly program.

The goal of Astronomy Rocks! is to give your students general knowledge of the universe and the science behind it.

We will show you the vastness of our solar system.

We will give you a sense of infinity.

How big is the universe?  How many stars are there?

Would you like to see into the past?  … You already can and frequently do.

Have a look back to near the beginning of the universe.

How does a star form?  Why is it so hot?  (We demonstrate this one!)

Have you ever touched star material? (In case you were wondering, the answer is yes.)

What happens when a star dies?  Obviously it is the death of the star, but did you know that is also a beginning, a creation?

Astronomy Rocks! Is the perfect general introduction into the many facets of our universe and the science behind it.

The sun is our nearest star and has temperatures in the millions of degrees.

What caused it to start burning?

In deep space there are so many galaxies they look like stars in the night sky.

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This is an excellent introduction to natural history written for ages 8 and above.


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