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Science Rocks! Traveling Museum of Natural History

The Story of Life



The Science Rocks! Museum of Natural History is the largest, most complete traveling natural history museum of its kind.

Originally developed for elementary schools, Science Rocks! has been proven equally suitable for middle school, high school and above.

Science Rocks! takes you and your students on a journey through time.  From remnants that existed before the beginning of the solar system (4.6 billion years ago) to the earliest forms of life, up through the dinosaurs to the emergence of modern man.

Science Rocks! offers entertainment and science education in an enjoyable package for you and your students.

Our display contains dinosaur eggs, mammoth hair, a dinosaur track, Neanderthal tools, and much, much more.

Although some of our exhibits are reproductions that are duplicates of the actual fossil, most are real fossils, some of which date back over 3 billion years!

Science Rocks! puts time in perspective.  We start by giving the students a visual concept of time.  By using a time line we give your students a sense of the immensity of time and where the major happenings lie along the path.

This can even serve as advance information for a class trip to a nearby museum helping your students better understand where the museum fossils fit in with each other.  This will help them have a better understanding and better appreciation from their experience.

We can accommodate your needs whether they be for a group assembly or, our preferred method, a class by class “tour”.

Our standard presentation is the personal approach given on a class by class basis.

The “tour” is given to each class individually with the presentation being adapted to that class’s needs.

Using a group assembly we will give your students a sense of the immensity of time, the flow of life, and introduce them to key fossils along the way.  And, if you wish, this can be followed by smaller “tours” of classes where the students actually get to touch key fossils from the exhibit.

The goal of Science Rocks! is to interest your students in the science of natural history and to feed their natural curiosity about the story of life.

To the left is Psittacosaurus, the star of our exhibit.

When we do the class by class tours, the students get to pet this real dinosaur.

This is a trilobite.

Trilobites were one of the first complex animals with shells and eyes.

They had a prehistoric version of fiber optic vision.

We have these in our exhibit.

Mammoths and mastodons were different animals and ate different types of food, therefore their teeth were different.

You can see the difference in our museum.

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This is our book based on our Science Rocks! school program.

This is an excellent introduction to natural history written for ages 8 and above.


There are over 100 full color photos of fossils in our collection covering the first forms of life all the way up through modern man.


This book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.