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Physics Rocks!

Of course itís fun -† Itís Physics!



All reports show that American students are falling behind in the sciences.

Students tend to consider science difficult and boring.

Our Physics Rocks! program† was created to show the fun in science while demonstrating the basic principles in a manner that is easy to understand and enjoyable to watch.

In our Physics Rocks! presentation we show the physics, explain the basic laws of physics, but leave out the math that† many believe puts science beyond their reach.

Have you ever seen someone boil water without heat?

Do you know what happens to marshmallows in outer space?

You know that sound travels faster or slower depending on the medium.† Do you know how fast sound travels in outer space?† Have you ever seen it demonstrated?

These are just a few of the physics demonstrations we present.

Our standard presentation is the personal approach given on a class by class basis.

This approach allows a more personal interaction and class by class tailoring of the presentation.† It also allows greater student involvement.

If your student body is too large for a class by class approach we can still show you students the fun and logical thinking of science in a group assembly.

The goal of Physics Rocks! is to interest your students in science and† feed on their natural curiosity about the world around them.


If a fire alarm goes off in outer space how loud would it sound?

Which falls fasteróa feather or a coin?

Weíll show you!

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