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This is a dinosaur egg—Oviraptor to be exact.  The first type of dinosaur egg to be found.

The Science Rocks! collection has a dinosaur egg on display.

We started off very small—our daughter had an interest in dinosaurs,  there was a local shop that had some fossils, and so the journey began.

After collecting many and various dinosaur fossils the natural question that follows is: What came after the dinosaurs.

The next logical question is: What came before the dinosaurs?

Which was quickly followed by: How far back does the evidence of life really go?

The end result was many trips to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  An endlessly fascinating place covering all of natural science and more.

But how many people actually go to places like this?  If you are around a museum like that the answer may be many.  But what if you don’t live near a museum?

The average student probably thinks of a museum as a rather dark uninteresting place to be dragged to by their parents.

Our goal was to dispel that feeling and create an interest in natural history.

With a background in physics, the follow-up was to create a program about physics, teaching the basic concepts of physics through entertaining demonstrations.

The response indicates that both programs have achieved their goals.

This has lead to our published book based on the Science Rocks! program.  Our book is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  See our links below.

This was our Cenozoic setup for the Da Vinci Science Center presentation.

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This is our book based on our Science Rocks! school program.

This is an excellent introduction to natural history written for ages 8 and above.


There are over 100 full color photos of fossils in our collection covering the first forms of life all the way up through modern man.


This book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.