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This is the Allende meteorite which is believed to be older than our solar system.

This is part of our Science Rocks! exhibit.

Reports show that American students are falling behind in the sciences.

Science Rocks! school science programs are dedicated to using edutainment— science education presented entertainingly— to further students’ interest in the sciences.

                     And our programs are GUARANTEED!

We offer three science programs suitable for students from elementary school through middle school and beyond!

Our original Science Rocks! program is a tour through our traveling natural history museum.

We set up a natural history museum in your school and introduce your students to the remnants of the early solar system, the first signs of life, Cambrian life, the age of dinosaurs, and the emergence of man.

In this school program your students will get to not only learn about the many fascinating eras of natural history, but they will get to see fossils from each of them and, in some cases, actually touch them! 

This has been a favorite school science program everywhere it has been presented.

When we appeared at the Da Vinci Science Center in Allentown, PA, we were asked, in response to the crowds, to give an added show and became part of one of the highest attendance days ever!

Physics Rocks! is the school science program that proves the science of physics is not something to be feared!

The general response when people hear the word physics is :”Oh! That’s hard!” This response is usually preceded by a gasp!

Physics Rocks! is meant to introduce students to the science of physics before the fear sets in.

In our Physics Rocks! program the basic principles of physics are taught using entertaining demonstrations.

We try to put the “phun” back into physics!

Our newest program, Astronomy Rocks! introduces your students to the basics of astronomy.

We give them a sense of the immensity of the universe and the fascination of the science it contains.

And all this without scheduling the bus, collecting permission slips, or trying to get parents to help as monitors.   

Please check our programs by using the links at the top or bottom of this page and, if you have any questions, please e-mail or call for more information. 

 And be sure to check out our Recommended sites for science centers, museums, educational programs, scientific equipment, and recommended reading.

You may know her as Lucy.  Her real name is Austrlopithecus afarensis—often referred to as the first human.

This is just one of our Cenozoic era exhibits.

Have you ever boiled water without heating it?

We do in our Physics Rocks! presentation.

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This is our book based on our Science Rocks! school program.

This is an excellent introduction to natural history written for ages 8 and above.


There are over 100 full color photos of fossils in our collection covering the first forms of life all the way up through modern man.


This book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.